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Faculty Scholarship Resources

Resources related to faculty scholarship and the publication process.
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Florida Administrative Materials

Many Florida laws require state agencies to adopt rules implementing their provisions. This guide will tell you how to locate regulations in the Florida Administrative Code [FAC] and how to find other associated materials. It also addresses how to find state administrative adjudications.
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Florida Forms

There are many different types of form books for Florida available in the Law Library.
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Florida Legislative History Research Guides

  • The Legislative Process
  • Finding the Legislative History
  • Sources For Florida Legislative Documents
  • Glossary
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Immigration Law Research Guide

This guide highlights information on primary and secondary sources related to research on the topic of U.S. Immigration Law.
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Integrated Research Strategy

  • Preliminary Matters
  • Step 1: Preliminary Analysis
  • Step 2: Secondary Sources
  • Step 3: Statutes
  • Step 4: Cases
  • Troubleshooting
  • When Is My Research Complete?
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International Arbitration Research Guide

This guide will help you in conducting research in international arbitration by identifying a selected list of primary and secondary sources available through the University of Miami Law Library and the internet.
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International Moot Court

The purpose of this guide is to group in one place resources and materials that will support your studies in the International Moot Court Course.
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Jewish Law

Jewish law begins with the immutable and unchangeable laws found in what is called the Written Law (the Torah) and its companion law, the Oral Law (or Oral Torah).
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Legal Abbreviations

References to cases, statutes, and other law-related items are often in an abbreviated format.  This can make locating cited material difficult for those who are unfamiliar with legal citation formats.
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Puerto Rico Legal Research Guide

This guide provides an overview of Puerto Rico’s government, court structure, hierarchy of norms, and primary and secondary laws.
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Subject Guide To Treatises and Looseleaf Services

Guides provided by Lexis, Bloomberg Law, and Westlaw.
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