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There are many different types of form books for Florida available in the Law Library. When using form books, one should keep in mind that they are all models of forms that should be used and can be adapted to the task at hand. This research guide does not include all sources of forms in the Library. Ise ot as a starting point. To find other sources of forms use the key word search on uSearch, the Online Catalog, "Florida and Forms" or "another term and Forms." (Omit quotation marks.) Even this search will not yield all such forms. Frequently, multivolume set of books will have a volume or chapter with forms related to the subject of the set. Single volume treatises also frequently have forms on their subject. These sources usually cannot be retrieved with this search on uSearch.

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  • Sources With More Than One Topic

    • Florida Jur FormsFlorida Jur Forms, Legal and Business: Practice-Oriented Forms for Florida Legal and Business Transactions, 17 vols. (1975-current). Florida & Reference Collection & Westlaw. Topics include: Real Property, Personal Property, Leases, Consumer Protection, Contracts, Business Enterprises, Estate Planning, Family Law, Non-Profit Organizations, and Uniform Commercial Code. It has an index for the entire set.
    • Florida Pleading & Practice FormsFlorida Pleading & Practice Forms: Practice-Oriented Forms for Florida Judicial Proceedings, 17 vols. (1990-current). Reference Collection KFF535.A65 F57 1990 & Westlaw. Topics include: Civil Procedure, Real Property, Torts, Family Law, Decedents' Estates and Trusts, Contracts, Business Organizations, Commercial Transactions, Employment Relations, Criminal Procedure, and an index for the entire set. Each volume has its own index which may supersede the index for the entire set.
    • Legal Forms and Worksets 2nd ed., Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education, Florida Bar, 2 vols. (2003-current). Florida, Reserve, and CD-Rom in Reserve Audiovisual Collection KFF68.L442 & Lexis. Chapters include: Construction Liens, Adoptions, Corporations, Landlord and Tenant, Partnership, Dissolution of Marriage, Conveyancing of Real Property, Prejudgment Proceedings, Post Judgment Proceedings, Homestead Exemption, Limited Liability Companies, Accounts Stated, Open Accounts and Goods Sold, Mortgage Foreclosure, Criminal Law, Estate Planning, and Automobile Insurance Litigation.

  • Business & Commerce

    • Florida Business Laws Annotated, (2010-2015). Florida Collection KFF152.A29 F56. Examples of forms included are: corporation forms, revised uniform limited partnership forms, revised uniform partnership forms, limited liability company forms, conversions, cross-entity mergers, common law declarations of trust forms, and fictitious name forms.
    • Florida Limited Liability Company: Forms and Practice Manual by Louis T.M. Conti, Data Trace Pub. Co. (2001-current). Florida, Reserve, & CD-Rom in Reserve Audiovisual Collections KFF207.5.C662 2001.
    • Uniform Commercial Code Forms: With Comments, 4th ed., by Jarrett C. Oeltjen, 4 vols (2001-current). Florida Collection KFF152.A65 0441 2001 & Westlaw.

  • Family Law

    • Florida Courts Website. Self-Help Center provides various Florida forms
    • Family Law Rules of Procedure and Forms, Florida Statutes Annotated pamphlet or current year's update shelved following volume 32A.
    • Florida Family Law, by Brenda M. Abrams (1998-current) 5 vols. looseleaf. Florida Collection KFF94.A6 F23 1986 & Lexis. Forms are at the end of each topic's section.
    • Florida Family Law Practice Manual, Florida Collection KFF94.S3 & Lexis. Volume 4 is a collection of forms.

  • Litigation & Procedure

    • Florida Civil Procedure Forms: With Practice Commentary, by J. Allison DeFoor II and Thomas G. Schultz, (1989-current). Florida &Amp; Reserve Collection KFF80.W45 1988 v.3 & Westlaw.
    • Florida Civil Procedure: Motions, by Ervin Gonzalez (2005-current) looseleaf 1 vol. Florida Collection KFF535.F56 & Lexis.
    • Florida Forms of Jury Instructions, 2nd ed., (2011-current) 4 vol. looseleaf. Florida Collection KFF542.6.A65 F55 & Lexis.
    • Florida Rules of Court: State, (1987-current). Reserve, Reference, & Florida Collection KFF529.A22 & Westlaw. Some of the forms included are: family law, criminal procedure, civil procedure, juvenile procedure, small claims, traffic court, judicial administration rules and appellate procedure.
    • Florida Standard Jury Instructions in Civil Cases, 2nd ed., Florida Supreme Court Committee on Standard Jury Instructions in Civil Cases, Florida Bar (2010). Collection KFF542.A65 F55 & Lexis.
    • La Coe's Pleading Under the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure; with Forms, by Norm La Coe, vol. 2 (2014). Florida Collection KFF530.A65 L3 & Westlaw.

    Trawick's Florida Practice and Procedure: Forms, by Henry P. Trawick, Jr. (1991-current). Florida & Reserve Collections KFF530.T731 & Westlaw.

  • Real Estate

    • Florida Real Estate Contracts 2nd, by Charles M. Holcomb, 2 vols. (1996-2006). Florida Collection KFF126.A6 H6 2000.
    • Florida Real Estate Transactions, looseleaf 6 vols (1959-current). Florida Collection KFF112.B6 & Lexis. This is a table of forms that are published throughout the text at the very first of volume 1.
    • Florida Real Property Complex Transactions Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education, (2011). Reserve, Florida, CD-Rom in Reserve Audiovisual Collections KFF112.F57 2013 & Lexis.
    • Florida Residential Landlord-Tenant Manual, by James C. Hauser and ed. by William S. Jula (1983-current), looseleaf 4 vols. Florida Collection KFF117.H38 1983 & Lexis. Volume 2 has a chapter of forms towards its end.
    • Mortgage Foreclosure and Alternatives (FASTRAIN), 7th ed., by Jacalyn N. Kolk, Florida Bar Continuing Education (2012). Florida, CD-Rom in Reserve Audiovisual Collections KFF130.5.F6 M67 2014 & Lexis.

  • Wills, Trusts, Probate & Estate Planning

    • Florida Bar Probate System, 4th ed., by Rohan Kelley and Tae Kelley Bronner ed., by J. Craig Shaw, Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education, looseleaf 2 vols (2010-current). Reserve & Florida Collections KFF144.A65 K442.
    • Florida Will and Trust Forms Manual, 4th ed., by Walter S. Kane, looseleaf 3 vols. (2004-current). Florida and CD-Rom in Reserve Audiovisual Collection KFF144.F46 2004 & Lexis. Has probate forms in volume 2 and guardianship forms in volume 3.
    • Suggested Forms: Wills and Trusts, Sun Bank, looseleaf vol. 1 (1994-1997). Florida & Reserve Collections KFF144.Z9 W542.

  • Sources of Florida Forms on Westlaw

    Westlaw Florida Form Finder

    West's Florida Statutes Annotated Rules Volumes:

    • Appellate Procedure Rules, volume 32A (2010), p.639. (Annex KFF555.A329 F56 & Westlaw).
    • Civil Procedure Rules, volume 31 (2004), p. 254. (Florida Collection KFF529.A314 F422 & Westlaw).
    • Criminal Procedure Rules, volume 34A (2011), p. 586. (Florida & Annex Collection KFF575.F565 & Westlaw).
    • Family Law Forms, pamphlet following volume 32A (2012). (Reserve, Florida, & Annex Collections KFF94.5 .F4 & Westlaw).
    • Judicial Administration Rules, volume 32 (2008), p. 146. (Florida & Annex Collection KFF510.A39 F56 & Westlaw).
    • Juvenile Procedure Rules, volume 32 (2008), p. 568. (Florida & Annex Collection KFF596.A33 & Westlaw).
    • Small Claims Rules Forms, volume 32 (2008), p. 292. (Westlaw & Online).

  • Sources of Florida Forms on Lexis
  • Sources of Florida Forms on Bloomberg Law
  • Internet Sources