Off-Campus & Wireless Access to Subscription Databases

Almost all databases listed on the Law Library's Subscription Database page allow access for University of Miami Law faculty, staff and students from off-campus or from the UM Wireless Network.

Video: Access to Subscription Databases 

How to Log In

Most databases do not require a username/password for off-campus or wireless access. (On the Subscription Database page, they are designated as "Miami Law Network.") If, from off-campus or through the UM Wireless system, you click on a database name, you will receive a log-in screen.

To log in, the user should use the same user name and password as would be used on the computers in the law library or to access your law email account. For problems with a law school network account, contact the Computer Resources Department.

Some databases do require a password for off-campus or wireless access. These are so designated on the Subscription Database page. By clicking on the Password link next to the name of the database, you will be directed to log in as described above. Once you are logged in, you will be shown the relevant password.

Additional Databases

Miami Law faculty, staff and students have access to many more databases (e.g. databases on the arts, history, sociology, medicine, etc.) through other University of Miami Libraries. For information on accessing these databases, visit this page.